my history

In 1989 I joined Sydney community radio station 2RDJ 88.1 as an announcer and music presenter, and I've continued to broadcast ever since. 

In 1991 I also joined FM91.5
(now FM99.3 Northside Radio) and continued to present both shows (Soul Trax on 2RDJ and Soulscope on FM99.3), until 2002 when I left 2RDJ to focus on the Soulscope programme at Northside Radio.  

As the show's name suggests, the music includes the whole scope of soul music - jazz, funk, blues Latin, world, reggae, RnB and anything else I consider soulful! 

In 2006 my partner, Peter March joined me as co-presenter of Soulscope.  Peter  brought an added dimension to the programme with his humour, wit and eclectic music collection of Latin and jazz.  We have a fun time presenting the music we love for people who love the music!

In 2010 we were invited to present a programme on Paddington's Eastside Radio 89.7FM.  We commenced  "A Twist of Cool" in April that year and continued for almost 2 years.  Please see the ATOC History link.

Our programmes include previous, recent and current releases by established artists plus music from new local and international artists on the scene.  We also include the soul, funk and jazz classics of yesteryear as all generations can relate to those songs.


We get a huge buzz from doing radio because it enables us to present the music most other stations don't play, and because our music collections are so extensive, it would be a shame not to share them with as many people as possible. 


We also love getting to know musicians via our artist interviews.  Almost all the musicians we’ve met and/or interviewed are humble artists who love what they do and are happy and grateful to be playing music.


While soul and jazz music continues to be created, produced, recorded, performed and combined with other styles, I will seek out the best releases and endeavour to educate and entertain those who appreciate our preferred styles of music.


Thanks for listening!


“It’s a pleasure to play music for people who find music a pleasure”


about soulscope


Soulscope streams live (to the world) from FM99.3 Northside
Radio every Sunday from 2-4pm via
The station is live but not yet available on demand.  

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We are currently in the throes of learning how to podcast

Soulscope.  More details shortly.


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Peter March & Georgina Reed