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professional DJ & radio announcer


Known in the DJ world as Sydney's Soul Sister, Georgina is one of the most experienced club DJ's and community radio broadcasters in Sydney.

Her DJ career began in 1982 at Sydney Hilton’s prestigeous Juliana’s nightclub.  For 30 years Georgina DJ’d at night clubs, events, dance parties, festivals and resorts both in Australia and overseas.   See the LIST of venues & events.


Georgina was also hired as a consultant to programme the in-house music for a number of clients (mostly venues, cafés & restaurants), including The Basemet, Sydney's renowned and iconic nightclub.

Georgina Reed



In 1989 Georgi began radio broadcasting on 2RDJ FM88.1 located in Burwood, then in 1991 she joined 2NSB FM99.3 (Northside Radio) in Chatswood, and for over ten years presented weekly music programs on both stations.


In 2007, Peter March joined her on FM99.3 as co-presenter of the weekly Soulscope music programme and in 2009 they joined Eastside Radio 89.7FM (Paddington), presenting A Twist of Cool which was broadcast every week for approximately two years.


They continue to present Soulscope every Sunday from 2pm to 4pm on FM99.3 Northside Radio, streaming live on format for each Soulscope programme includes a selection of tracks from a wide range of adult contemporary music styles including soul, jazz, funk, Latin, African, blues, reggae, world and their sub-genres and includes both local and international artists.  See RADIO for more details.


Georgina’s knowledge of music is surpassed only by her vast collection of music ranging from the early soul & jazz classics to the latest contemporary releases.




In the 90's Georgina began writing CD reviews for an independent publication covering Sydney's community radio station network.  She was also published in various street press magazines, and also writes reviews for CDs and live performances which are published on her MixBizBlog

Georgi also writes scripts, is a voice-over artist, produces radio ads and writes Community Service Announcements for Northside Radio.   See CREATIVE WRITING and RADIO.

Georgi is experienced in event management including the design and creation of flier & poster artwork, band & artist bookings, and co-ordination of sponsorship and publicity for live events including all aspects of media coverage.




For Music Reviews of live and recorded performances by Georgina Reed  see her MixBizBlog

She also writes a BLOG for her other business interest, ChairPro.