From 1982, I worked in the music and entertainment industry as a professional nightclub DJ, MC, artist / event promoter, publicist, music programmer and radio announcer.

During my DJ career I worked in over 200 clubs and venues both in Australia and overseas under the name Sydney's Soul Sister.  See my BIO for further details.

In 1989 I began volunteering in community radio stations and along with my co-presenter, Peter March, we present a two-hour music programme (Soulscope)   on Sydney's Northside Radio FM99.3.  See RADIO.

As well as conducting radio interviews with local and international artists, I write reviews for pre-recorded and live music performances.  See BLOG - Reviews.

I offer an email broadcast service (utilizing my database) for musicians, promoters and venues who require publicity for forthcoming gigs or events.   See PUBLICITY.



MixBiz offers website design/revamp and graphic art services, flyer & poster design, print media ads, business cards, etc. 


As a creative writer, I'm an editing, publicity & marketing guru, plus I do photography, voice-overs, script-writing, and I'm skilled in radio production, schedules and all aspects of radio training. 


My vast music knowledge and music programming ability ensures my effectiveness as a consultant or advisor for recorded music or associated projects, events, artist showcases and other creative ventures. 


CONTACT me for more information on 0414 949 593.


Along with Peter March, we run
ChairPro - specialising in teaching people about their posture and how to sit and stand while working.  We have designed a fully- adjustable office task chair called the KENZO which provides ergonomic support .


history of MixBiz


After relocating from Melbourne to Sydney in 1982, I accepted the position of resident DJ at the prestigious Juliana's nightclub in Sydney's Intenational Hilton Hotel.  That same year I created MixBiz to oversee my event management, DJ work and graphic art services. 


I also became a music programme presenter on community radio and recently celebrated 28 years at Northside Radio.

Besides event organisation, management and marketing, I've been engaged as a publicist, copy-writer, voice-over talent and worked on numerous fundraising projects.

I've been writing for as long as I can remember beginning with poems, short stories and then longer articles and in more recent years, my MixBizBlog.


I'm currently writing a book about my 3 decades of experiences as a nightclub DJ.  Stay tuned for more details!!

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